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A paywall for your

Focus on building the best product you can. We take care of running the business around your software.

The easiest way to sell your products

We provide everything you need to sell your applications, libraries, UI components, or frameworks. We take care of billing your customers, handling worldwide VAT charges, and manage access to your products.

Charge for access to your code.
Put a paywall in front of the code on your GitHub repository. We support one-time purchases and will support subscriptions as well.
Perfectly integrated with GitHub.
We automatically invite your customers to your private repository, so that they can access your product.
We handle VAT.
Since we act as the merchant of record, we handle the VAT for every payment, worldwide. You can just focus on building your product.
No hidden fees.
We charge a flat 10% for every sale using Basetools. This includes all the payment processing and additional fees that might occur.

How does it work?

Connect your GitHub repository.

To get started, you have to grant us access to your GitHub repositories. Don't worry. We only require a very minimal set of permissions.

GitHub OAuth Signup

Create a Product.

You can configure the charged price and currency. You can decide between a one-time purchase and a monthly or yearly subscription (subscriptions are coming soon).

Customer profile user interface

Start selling.

After you have entered your business information, you are ready to start selling! Just share the link to your checkout page with your customers.

basetools Checkout

Customers get access to your product.

Every customer is automatically invited to your GitHub repository so that they can access your software.

Repository invitation



0 EUR / month

+ 10% per transaction

Start earning money without any monthly commitment.

  • 2 products
  • Invoicing
  • EU VAT + tax handling
  • Multi-currency support
  • Subscriptions (soon)
Start selling with basetools


29 EUR / month

+ 3.5% + 30 ct per transaction

Grow your business by enabling more advanced features.

  • Unlimited products
  • Invoicing
  • EU VAT + tax handling
  • Multi-currency support
  • Subscriptions (soon)
Start selling with basetools

ManifestoYou deserve to earn money for your work.

Developers are creators. They create new things from scratch every day. They love to share their creations with others. But monetizing it can be hard.

Basetools makes it possible for developers to earn money from the software they have written. Access to a more powerful library, beautiful UI components, better support or documentation for open source tools, community access – There are many possible monetization options. And basetools aims to support them all. In the end, we want to help developers create a business around their software.