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Hello World, meet basetools

Sebastian Hoitz

Allow yourself a piece of the cake to pursue a kind of independence that many of us are longing for!

Software developers have built the internet and shaped the world we live in today by sharing their code with their community - noble and for free. Through the incredible power of this global network of geeks, dreamers, and revolutionaries, a force was created that has not only impacted but irreversibly disrupted the way we work, communicate, and think today.

This newly built ecosystem created giants like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft but made room for other business species. My favorite is the tech entrepreneur who has built a side-hustle and ended up living from a passive income stream generated through a savvy niche SaaS-Tool and lived happily ever after in a remote life and freed from being bound to an office desk or forced working hours.

I am a part of the generation people like Pieter Levels, Adam Wathan, and Daniel Vassallo have inspired to escape the ordinary and use the powers and tools that digitization has presented us.

Yes, I am talking to you, the creators, indie hackers, and tech entrepreneurs who are part of this passion economy — the ones who have generously helped to build a democratized internet with their software. I believe: it is okay to allow yourself a bigger piece of the cake to pursue a kind of freedom that so many of us are longing for!

But this is where the problem kicks in. To fulfill this dream, you have to overcome many barriers, including figuring out payments, invoicing, and taxation.

basetools enables developers to make a living from their work

To get a piece of the cake, you need to enable smooth payments and processes in a global web of currency, regulations, and taxation. My vision is to allow developers to make a living from their side projects, to quit their day-to-day jobs and work on their own (passion) projects, and build a sustainable business that way. I believe that the remote shift opens up many possibilities and space for them to do so. basetools is all about providing the perfect tool for them to monetize their business.

In the past, many open source developers have tried to make a living through donations, Patreon, or company sponsorships. I noticed that many companies and private people don't go that way and decide to donate because they can get the software for free anyway or because they would need official bills to reimburse their purchase to meet their employers' purchasing guidelines. I want to help here. From now on, basetools allows them and their users to have a smooth, official and easy way to transfer access for cash.

If you have created a software library, UI components, starter template, or framework and would like to make a living from your side-hustle get started in a few minutes!

Tools like Gumroad have enabled creators all over the world to start selling their products. While this is perfect for products like ebooks, music, or guides that are created once and then can be sold, it is not ideal for software. Software is never finished and always keeps evolving. New features, bug fixes, or security updates are always part of the picture. So just downloading the software in a zip file does not cut it. That is why we have tools like git repositories or package registries.

So with basetools, I am building the perfect tool for selling access to your software. At the moment, basetools supports GitHub repositories and the GitHub package registry. Once a person buys from you, they get invited to your private repository and are granted access to the code or packages. We make sure that the payment was successful and take care of billing and taxes. We want to enable you to focus completely on building an amazing product. To cover our expenses and the payment processing fees, we take 10% of the processed amount. This means we only earn money when you are successful, too. In the future I also want to support with sharing best practices and knowledge how to market your products. Let's be better together!

Further down the line, we are going to support package registries for nodejs, PHP, ruby or python, so that you can sell access to your software without having to share the source code, too.

Who am I?

If you have made it this far down the post, you might wonder who is writing this? I'm Sebastian, 30 years old, and I started software development when I was around 12. So I've seen a lot of different technologies and started my first company when I was 16. Over time I have worked in many different tech companies either as a full-time employee, consultant, or freelancer, including industries like FinTech, eCommerce, and IoT.

I'm proud to call myself the dad of beautiful twin boys who will be one year old soon. I am a passionate sailor and nerdy sourdough bread enthusiast. My passions and hobbies are much more enjoyable if I can work flexibly. Having the luxury of stopping for an hour to take the kids down for a nap or check on the oven spring of the sourdough bread can be hard with a regular day job.

Since I am a huge fan of being able to create independent businesses, it's one of the biggest reasons why I'm so happy that I get to work on basetools, because I feel like there's a huge opportunity, not just for developers, but for creators, in general, to be able to publish products and earn a living on the side. Being a part of this and helping others to strive is super motivating for me.